Introducing Massage Extraordinaire’s Client of the Month –



Roberto has been a weekly client of Massage Extraordinaire since August 2009.
He has been an avid tennis player since he started playing the sport at the age of 12.

Roberto is a native of Mexico.  In 1985 he moved to San Diego.

Since 1995, Roberto has played in tennis tournaments – 
both at the local and the national level.
He was ranked #1 in San Diego and #2 in 5.5 Southern California in 2002 – 
both in singles and in doubles!
He plays tennis at least 5 times a week and
competes in about 15 tennis tournaments a year.

Roberto has received a deep tissue/stretch massage weekly since 2005!
He understands the importance of stretching, 
stretching for 15 minutes after he plays tennis.

Roberto’s philosophy on massage:
“I believe that in order to keep my body healthy, pain free and flexible,
I have to take care of it.  Weekly massages coupled with my chiropractor visits 
allow me to keep playing at the rate that I do.
Most people my age can’t play every day; they are always hurting because 
they do not take care of their body.
My goal is to be able to play tennis everyday into my 90’s!”

What a GREAT goal!  
We, at Massage Extraordinaire, are happy to help Roberto achieve his goal!

We are thrilled to acknowledge Roberto Ancira 
as our Massage Client for the month of August!

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