“The San Diego Sports Commission (SDSC) recognizes Marsha Selzer, HHP and her team at Massage Extraordinaire for its service to the 2012 International Tennis Federation Seniors World Championships, hosted in San Diego, California. Marsha and her team provided sports massage to top tennis athletes from nearly 30 countries, ages 35 to 60, over the course of the two week tournament. The team at Massage Extraordinaire received wonderful feedback from the players and worked hand in hand with SDSC to accommodate additional medical providers. Marsha provided excellent leadership and offered players services above and beyond the standard for the tournament. We extend a sincere thank you to Massage Extraordinaire for its service to the 2012 World Championships.”

Whitney Goodman
San Diego Hall of Champions

“Marsha has done great job for the San Diego Chargers players and staff and I highly recommend her. I have had the privilege of working with her over the past 12 years as she provided massage therapy to many of our football players and staff. She has always been a loyal, trustworthy and prompt massage therapist. She has a lot of experience and shows a genuine passion for her profession. She has a personality that fits well with the athletes and staff, which makes it an easy working relationship.”

James Collins, ATC Head Athletic Trainer,
San Diego Chargers

“As a practicing sports medicine and wellness physician, I’ve worked with all kinds of athletes — from professional sports teams and Olympic competitors, to amateur racers and high school athletes. I’ve learned that a good massage therapist is invaluable to relieving the muscle pain and tension that can result from a hard training session, an injury, or just plain old stress. Massage Extraordinaire has the most talented, intuitive massage therapists I’ve ever come across — and with more than 30 years as a practicing sports medicine doctor, that’s saying a lot! I recommend Massage Extraordinaire to my patients, my friends and my family members.”

CEO/Medical Director Lifewellness Institute, San Diego
International lecturer on wellness

“Marsha Selzer is a massage therapist of the highest caliber. She’s professional, capable and ethical. I highly recommend her.”

Jr. Seau, NFL “All Pro” Linebacker

“I have become one of the many regular customers that Marsha works on. I receive a massage every week. It allows me to gain (slowly) my flexibility back as well as preventing any possible injuries. I play tennis seven days a week and compete on a regular basis. Thanks to the weekly massage, combined with stretching after playing, I live an injury free life. It is obvious to me that Marsha understands what my body needs every time I have a session with her because I never fail to feel re-energized and limber. 

Roberto M. Ancira

“I’ve known Marsha Selzer for over 15 years. As an athletic trainer for NBA athletes, I can attest that Marsha’s knowledge of her craft and the level of skill she practices massage, leaves her no equal in her field. I have and will continue to recommend Marsha to both athletes and everyday folk who are in need of massage therapy for rehabilitative, pre- and post-competition or simply relaxation.”

Keith Jones NBA Athletic Trainer

“The Sony Ericsson WTA Tour has utilized Marsha Selzer, massage therapist and owner of Massage Extraordinaire in San Diego, for several years as a resource for providing highly qualified and experienced sports massage therapists to work at the La Costa tennis tournament each year. “The tour’s athletes that play La Costa are amongst some of the highest ranked players in the world. They are well educated on the benefits of receiving massage for preparation and recovery and are therefore high users of his therapy. The Sony Ericsson WTA Tour has always been pleased with the high caliber of massage therapists provided by Marsha Selzer and Massage Extraordinaire. Working with Marsha is always a pleasure. She does an excellent job, is professional at all times, and is very easy to work with. Her assistance is greatly appreciated.”

Sue Gillespie, RMT Director, Massage Therapy
Sony Ericsson WTA Tour

“I am a firm believer in the benefits of massage. I’ve been receiving massages from Marsha Selzer for 25 years. I travel all over the world and receive frequent massages; however, no massage therapist is comparable to her techniques, ability and care-giving nature.”

Jim Reopelle President/CEO
Comprehensive Financial Group, San Diego

“Marsha — I wanted to thank you again for your marvelous massage. As has been true for over 15 years, I always feel dramatically better after our sessions. You always seem to know exactly what to do and how to relieve my pain and get me back on the golf course. My flexibility and range of motion are always improved and I am able to swing better and score better. My golfing opponents are jealous! I simply don’t know what I’d do without you. Thank you again.”

Herb Meistrich,
San Diego

“I went to Massage Extraordinaire after receiving independent recommendations from two Chargers football players when I injured my hip flexors. After my treatments from Marsha, I was able to run more comfortably and with better form, which resulted in winning a national championship in the 200m and setting a national record on a relay team at the USATF Masters Nationals at LSU in Baton Rouge. I was very happy with my results and found the staff to be incredibly helpful.”

Joy Sargis
Four time USATF Masters National Champion USATF
National Record Holder anchor 4 x 100m relay team
Member of the UCLA NCAA Division I National Championship Team

“I’ve been a client of Marsha and Massage Extraordinaire for three years, and because of Marsha’s dedication to always giving the best massage, I will not be a client anywhere else! Her technique, strength, and knowledge enable her to be gentle or to relax knotted or sore muscles…”

Kevin St. Jacques San Diego Gulls

“… I have had the opportunity of being a client of Ms. Selzer’s myself. I can personally state that she has on multiple occasions helped me to continue to compete at high levels in my sporting activities…”

Leland B. Housman, M.D., F.A.C.C.

“Dearest Marsha – Thank you for an incredible year of the best care!! You are unparalleled – we are so blessed to have you in our lives…”

Jean & Otis Froning

“I have been a weekly client for 25 years with Massage Extraordinaire. The massage therapists are all talented. However, Barbara has become one of my very favorites. She has great hands, a warm heart and truly cares about me. Every Tuesday, after cycling 50 -80 miles, I treat myself to a relaxing, rejuvenating massage. It’s wonderful!”

Al Alexy New York Firefighter (Ret.)
San Diego

“I have been a client of Marsha’s for over 20 years. The soothing, safe, clean environment provides a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Marsha and her minions unwind your tension and stress while tending to any aches and pains you may have. It a truly relaxing experience. I am always ready to be pampered by Marsha and her crew. “It is great to have her as resource to work out the kinks you inevitably get when you enjoy participating in sports and you live in a great outdoors city like San Diego!”

David Peterson,
San Diego

“I was visiting my dad in San Diego and had just made the five hour drive from Las Vegas. I have been training in the gym pretty intensely the past several months, and that combined with the long drive, had tightened my hamstrings so much, you could have played them like a guitar. Sore, sore, sore. We went to my dad’s club – the San Diego Tennis & Raquet Club – and Marsha gave me the best massage of my entire life. The pressure was perfect, and she also loosened my hamstrings by moving my legs into a variety of stretches. Fantastic. No more pain. I highly recommend!! I will definitely be back the next time I am in San Diego.”

Jennifer V., Las Vegas

“I’ve been getting massages from Marsha Selzer for the past two years. I started getting massages since I was playing tennis and pitching for my high school baseball team at the same time. Her massages help me both with preventing injuries and working out soreness. I also run cross country, so Marsha both massages and stretches me so that I can perform at a higher level. I would recommend Marsha and Massage Extraordinaire to other athletes (and non-athletes)!

Palmer Hayward – College student/client

We were recently in San Diego on business for an apparel trade show and wanted to get a chair masseuse at our booth as a treat for the people attending the trade show. I found Massage Extraordinaire online and they were able to work within our budget and also provided us with two great masseuses for each day of the show. They were extremely professional and wonderful to work with. What an wonderful addition to add to our booth! Thank you for the job well done!!!!

Brandi S., Denver, CO