Massage Therapy May Be Best for Your Back Pain!

Did you know that an estimated 9 out of 10 people deal with low back pain at some point in their lives?

“Back pain relief maybe in the hands of a skilled massage therapist.” (from Focus on Healthy Aging)
A study found that both structural and relaxation (Swedish) massage are effective in relieving chronic low back pain and improving daily function.

Swedish massage uses a combination of five different massage strokes and varying degrees of pressing, rubbing and stretching muscles to improve circulation and release tightness.

Structural massage techniques usually focus on loosening connective tissue, such as tendons that have grown short and tight due to trauma or wear and tear.

Joseph Elder, MA, LMT, a massage therapist at Mount Sinai states, “Swedish and structural massage therapies have been shown to help reduce muscle tightness that causes postural imbalances, injury and limited, painful movement.”

If you experience low back pain, call (619) 275-3270 to schedule your massage today!  We will discuss whether a Swedish or structural massage would be best for you.

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“As a practicing sports medicine and wellness physician, I’ve worked with all kinds of athletes — from professional sports teams and Olympic competitors, to amateur racers and high school athletes. I’ve learned that a good massage therapist is invaluable to relieving the muscle pain and tension that can result from a hard training session, an injury, or just plain old stress. Massage Extraordinaire has the most talented, intuitive massage therapists I’ve ever come across — and with more than 30 years as a practicing sports medicine doctor, that’s saying a lot! I recommend Massage Extraordinaire to my patients, my friends and my family members.”

CEO/Medical Director Lifewellness Institute
International lecturer on wellness

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