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Knock! Knock! Who’s There? Knees!

The alignment of your knees greatly affects your gait and your gait greatly affects the way your body feels. If you have genu valgum, known as knocked knees, or the opposite problem, valgus angulation, your body is going to eventually let you know that it is not happy with the situation. When that happens, it’s […]

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Did you Know…???

TAMMARA PASQUARIELLO – 1)  LOVES San Diego – is a San Diego native and plans to live here forever 2)  Is also a Personal Trainer (since 2004) 3)  Her Personal Training Specialties are: Strength Training Balance Stability Flexibility 4)  Her MASSAGE SPECIALTIES are: Sportsmassage Deep Tissue Massage Injury Rehabilitation Stretching 5)  Works with Seniors  6)

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