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Benefits of Paraffin Wax Treatment on the Hands

  Hands are amazing tools for us to use, but when they hurt, we’re miserable! Do you ever get achy tired hands? Most people are using computers and phones frequently, which is adding to the problem of over-use syndrome. As we tap away on our keyboards and texting, our small muscles and joints in the […]

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Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is becoming more known as people are experiencing the benefits of receiving this treatment.  ‘Myo’ refers to muscle and ‘fascia’ refers to the material covering the muscle, so myofascial release is the process of loosening the tightness of the tissue. As you can see in the image below, the fascia surrounds the muscle

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Facial Cupping – Facial Rejuvenation!

Women in Asia, Russia & Europe have been utilizing the rejuvenating results of facial cupping for generations. Unlike traditional cupping, facial cupping uses small cups to vacuum and lift the facial tissue, helping lymphatic drainage. This technique eliminates buildup of wastes and fluids in the face and neck. It is a very gentle treatment and

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What’s All the Buzz About Cupping?

Although the practice of cupping has been around for many years, it gained popularity during the summer Olympics and has continued to grow as word gets out that it works! What is cupping? Using glass, plastic or silicon cups placed strategically on the body a vacuum is created by using either a pump, by manually

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Do Children Benefit From Massage?

Tammara Giving A Kid’s Chair Massage Short answer, absolutely! At our massage practive we often work with children who are very active in sports and experiencing aches and pains or the parents are being proactive to prevent aches and pains by bringing them in for some body work. We ask that the parents stay in

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Stress & It’s Effects On Our Health

April is stress awareness month. Common Effects of Stress A lot of common symptoms that are blamed on illness, such as headaches, insomnia, and fatigue, are actually caused by stress. It is important to be aware of how stress is effecting your health, because left unchecked it can lead to worse problems such as high

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Foods That Help With Anxiety

Anxiety is the worst! Everyone suffers from occasional anxiety, but anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in America according to the ADDA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America). The sad thing is that anxiety disorders are highly treatable, but less than 40% of sufferers seek help. Don’t contribute to that statistical fact! Therapy

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With Mother’s Day Fast Approaching… PREGNANCY MASSAGE

Prenatal Massage Prenatal massage being done in a side-lying position Prenatal (pregnancy) massage is customized for the special needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the dramatic changes leading up to childbirth.  This massage will enhance the functions of joints and muscles, improve circulation and general body tone, and relieve physical and mental

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