Do Children Benefit From Massage?

Tammara Giving A Kid’s Chair Massage

Short answer, absolutely!

At our massage practive we often work with children who are very active in sports and experiencing aches and pains or the parents are being proactive to prevent aches and pains by bringing them in for some body work. We ask that the parents stay in the room with us and sign a waiver for minors. It is always a blast to work with kids. Some of the younger ones squirm and giggle when first experiencing a release of tension from their tight little muscle. It can sometime feel ticklish until we figure out just the right amount of pressure that works for them. The teens and preteens usually melt into the table and tell us that they want to come everyday! Don’t we all? Similar to adults, children experience tight muscles, knots, aches and pains with the only difference being that they recover quicker from pulls and strains than us older types do.

Some of the Benefits 

Immunity Boost: Massage is beneficial at any age, but because children are still developing it can be even more important. Not only does it help with muscle health, but can improve their immunity. Massage has been shown to relax and lower stress levels, which can improve the body’s chemistry to better handle bacteria, viruses, even asthma. Children don’t have to worry about taxes and mortgages, but in their world, the struggle is real. The stress that they feel can literally make them sick. Having a break from the world just to relax and focus on their body’s health can be incredibly positive for mental and physical well being.

Improved Motor Skills: Growing pains are real! There have been several studies that have shown massage helps ease the pain and tension in developing muscles that make motor skills possible.

Improved Brain Function: Increased alertness, speed and accuracy was shown when preschoolers performed math problems after they were massaged compared to those who were not. I know what group I’d want be in! Often during high school and college exam weeks students come in to take a break and refresh their brains from all the studying and testing. The massage gives them the boost they need to carry on.

Better Mood: Who doesn’t want their children to be in a better mood? Children that regularly receive massages are overall happier and in better moods. With the stress being reduced and happy hormones flowing it is natural for them to feel more peaceful, content and collaborative. All this contributes to a better nights sleep, which furthers their path to a better mood.

Bottom line

Kids love massage and it makes them feel great! Teaching them at an early age to make their wellness a priority will be a life long benefit for them.

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