Arnica… Not just another pretty flower!

Arnica is an amazing little flower!

 This flower is a part of the Daisy family and can be used to reduce inflammation, decrease pain and help bruises heal quicker. A tube of Arnica cream can be purchased at many health and drug stores and is also found in several different muscle-rub products that athletes like to use when they are having pain. By itself, Arnica cream doesn’t have a scent, but often it is added to products that do.  Menthol, peppermint and other helpful ingredients that are considered to have strong scent by some, are often added to pain relieving gels and creams because they are very helpful in reducing pain.
If you are sensitive to strong menthol type scents, be aware.

Here are a couple products that we like to use and few key ingredients that they contain:


  • Menthol – Cold therapy to numb pain
  • Boswellia – A plant product that also helps fight inflammation
  • Arnica – Helps with inflammation & pain
Biofreeze use to be challenging to find, but now it is almost everywhere that sells similar products. It comes in a tube, a roller, which is nice because it doubles as a self-massage and doesn’t get on your hands and it comes in a spray, which makes it great for reaching areas such as your back that would otherwise be difficult to get to.
  • Peppermint – Helps with inflammation & pain
  • Vitamin B6 – Relieves symptoms from arthritis 
  • MSM – Organic Sulfur Compound that helps with inflammation
Penetrex has many of the same ingredients as Biofreeze, but a few additional ones as well. It has a lighter scent than Biofreeze and doesn’t have the same icy intensity. It’s great for inflammation and helps calm grumpy joints, especially if used consistently. 

We also like to use massage products such as, Biotone Dual Purpose Massage Creme and Soothing Touch Jojoba Lotion that have Arnica added, which makes a good massage even better. The next time that you come in for a massage and are experiencing muscle aches, ask your therapist if they have any products that contain Arnica or bring in your own favorite!

 When you are suffering from muscle aches and pains, take advantage of all the healthy, natural products that are available to help you feel better. It will be a trial and error adventure to figure out which product works best for you, as every individual is unique as to what works best for them. Along with ice and heat therapy, massage, gentle stretching and rest, these products will help you not only feel better but allow the body heal quicker and get you back to doing the things that you love!
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