Go USA RUGBY!!! We Wish You The Best!

Check out this video about one of our regulars preparing for the Rugby 7s Las Vegas Tournament happening this weekend, including a visit to Marsha to help work out the kinks . All the players work so hard to compete their best. Receiving a sports massage is an important part of that preparation & recovery process for any competitive athlete. 
We have been privileged to work with the USA Rugby Team for years.


An Eagle’s Life: Perry Baker, features a day in the life of Perry Baker, World Rugby’s 2018 Sevens Player of the Year, hosted by USA 7s Captain Madison Hughes.

Many adults and children at San Diego Tennis and Racquet Club are playing in rugby leagues. Sports massage is great for adults and children alike. If you are a parent of a player, talk to us about setting up an appointment for a massage for your child that will include stretching. It is so important to include this to keep the body from strains and pains. Many athletes, of all ages, experience aches & pains that limited their ability to perform. Come see us and keep in the game!

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