CYCLING – The Benefits of Massage for Cyclists

The Many Benefits of Massage for Cyclists (of all levels)

Tammara – Massage Extraordinaire and Cycling Enthusiastic
Not only is Tammara an Extraordinary massage therapist, she is also an avid cyclist. Tammara gets a massage at least once a month and sometimes more often if she’s dealing with a particular issue.  Her philosophy, “The better I take care of myself, the better my body takes care of me.”

Massage Benefits for Cyclists:
  • Help loosen tight spots
  • Promotes recovery by flushing out toxic chemicals
  • Keeps your fibers smooth and limber
  • Relieves post-exercise pain
  • Boosts heart health
  • Prevents injury with the help of stretching
  • Enhances performance
  • Feels good!!
Tammara shares how massage can benefit all parts of the body, which take a beating from cycling. “Massage helps TREMENDOUSLY for a cyclist.  Anyone who spends an hour or more in the same position on a bike will tell you that their low back, neck and shoulders can start complaining.  At the same time the lower body is taking a beating as the muscles are working hard to power us up the hills and along the flats for miles and miles.  The glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves often get fatigued to the point of cramping.  Even the feet start hurting after pedaling away for hours.  The hands and forearms don’t get a break either.  Climbing and braking while descending can give those muscles a grueling workout.”
Tammara adds, “If you are like me and enjoy challenging yourself on rides, a massage will help prevent chronic aches and pains that can develop when a body is only pushed to the limits and not balanced with some TLC.”

From Bicycling 11/25/14 article by Selene Yeager “New research suggests that a post ride massage strengthens your heart as well as your muscles.”

“The increase in blood flow from a massage speeds recovery from muscle injury by providing more nutrition to the tissues and maybe also by improving the removal of waste products.” –

Shane A. Phillips, PhD, of the University of Illinois, Chicago 

In a study conducted on exercisers (where one group received massage and the other group did not), the exercisers who received a massage said they were free of soreness 90 minutes after the massage. The exercise-only participants were still limping the next day.  The study results suggest that massage triggers a full-body response that improves blood flow.
Deep pressure to the fascia (fibrous tissue surrounding a muscle)  breaks up adhesions (scar tissue) which can limit your range of motion and cause discomfort.

When to Get a Massage:

  • Before a race or cycle event – deep-tissue massage 3 – 5 days before the ride
  • After a race or cycle event – light massage the day after a block of hard riding. 
  • 3 -5 days after the race or cycle event – deeper massage to break up adhesions
  • For regular maintenance – deep-tissue and/or trigger-point massage monthly to keep the muscles limber and free of knots

***Factor 2 days to recover from a deep tissue massage.***

Massage benefits cyclists of all levels from the pro rider to the weekend enthusiast!

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