Integrated Massage – What We Do BEST!!

What is Integrated Massage?

Good Question and Here’s the Answer —

On our website, we list Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage as our specialties, even though our massage therapists are adept with all massage techniques.  In actuality, most massages we give are Integrated Massages.  What does that mean?  They are individualized to your massage goal and what is going on with your body that day – so it’s a combination of different massage specialties.  Your therapist will talk to you before your massage begins to understand what your unique needs are that day.  She will then create a treatment designed specifically for you!
Stretching being used
in Integrated Massage
You may decide that you would like a sports massage after you talk to your therapist since you are sore from playing tennis.  Your integrated massage may also include stretching.  Some deep tissue massage and acupressure may also be used to release chronic muscle tension and stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities.  Cross-fiber massage might be incorporated to decrease adhesions and pain and increase blood flow and muscle health. 
By incorporating many modalities, our massage therapists can provide you the individual service that is BEST for you!
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