Massage Extraordinaire’s January Clients of the Month – the NUNN Family

Let Us Introduce You To:

The Nunn Family – Crystal, Josh and Burkelee

Crystal and Josh with Burkelee

Meet Crystal and Josh Nunn from Bay Park.  Two young professionals, busy with their careers and family, who value their frequent massages from Massage Extraordinaire.
Besides keeping up with a busy 21 month-old toddler, Crystal and Josh both run and lift weights.  Josh also enjoys pick up soccer games.  Professionally, Crystal is a baby nurse at Sharp Mary Birch and Josh is the Marketing Director at California Western School of Law.

They enthusiastically endorse the benefits of massage. “It promotes health from every day wear/tear and facilitates recovery from the workouts we are still trying to sneak into our busy schedules.  Massage is also a much needed relaxation session for the mind as well as the body.  It’s like taking a mini vacation every time we get to come in for massage!”

Crystal states, “It is great to know whichever Massage Extraordinaire massage therapist is available, we are going to leave feeling fantastic! It is always a special treat for Josh and me to come get a massage. Plus, it is incredibly convenient.”
“Massage is a way for us to take care of ourselves so we can be better at taking care of our daughter and others!”
We thank Crystal and Josh for being such valued Massage Extraordinaire clients and friends!

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