What Massage Can Do for YOU!!

What can Massage do for YOU???

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Back massage at SDTRC
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Massage Extraordinaire clients
  • Lower levels of certain stress hormones by 50%
  • Improve mood by increasing serotonin and dopamine
     2.  Improve SLEEP ISSUES
     3.  Reduce HEADACHES
  • May reduce the number and severity of migraine headaches
  • Relaxes muscles in the shoulders and neck that can lead to headaches
     4.  Improve IMMUNITY
  • Increases white blood cells, that ward off disease
      5.  Reduce PAIN
  • Improves circulation to aid in inflammation and healing
  • Helps with acute and chronic pain
  • Improve lower back pain
      6.  Improve HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE

      7.  Improve EATING DISORDERS

      8.  Improve FATIGUE

      9.  Improve OSTEOARTHRITIS

    10.  Improve DIABETES
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Massage is a drug-free approach to healing!

Massage Extraordinaire
(located at San Diego Tennis and Racquet Club)
4848 Tecolote Road
San Diego, CA. 92110

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