OUR CLIENTS OF THE MONTH – Bobby & Shanna McCarron


Bobby and Shanna McCarron

Shanna, Bobby, Maelce and Maxx McCarron
If you’re a San Diego Tennis and Racquet Club member, you probably recognize Shanna – one of the club’s wonderful Personal Trainers and the Group Exercise Coordinator.
Shanna and her husband Bobby have been receiving massages for over 15 years!
Their answer as to why they receive massages –
“I get massages because I think with all my workouts and daily activity, my body forgets how to relax.  Massage reminds me to breathe and release inner tension that I don’t realize I have.  We have also used massage as rehab.  Massage helps loosen muscles that have been injured or overused.  We believe massage helps us recover faster.”
McCarron Family Sports:
Bobby – baseball
Shanna – run, weight training, dance
Their children:
Maelce – competitive cheer; 14 years old; Massage has helped Maelce with her overuse injury from cheer, as well as helping reduce her stress level.
Maxx – Tae Kwon Do, Parkour
What do you like best about Massage Extraordinaire?
  • Convenience
  • Professional, experienced therapists
  • Therapists all have warm personalities
As you can see, they are a very active family, both with work and play. 
We appreciate our loyal clients and are happy to be the massage therapists for
Shanna and Bobby McCarron and their children!

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