Meet Our Extraordinary Client of the Month – STEVE MARING!

Meet our Extraordinary Client of the Month



     Steve has routinely been receiving massages since 2005.  He has been going to Marsha for massages for about 9 years.  His first massage was a gift from his wife in 2005 (a package of 6). In fact, this last Christmas his wife got him a package of 4 massages.
Steve’s response, “You can’t go wrong with that!”

Why do you get massages?

Being honest, I primarily get massages because they feel so darn good.  But I also have find them to be very good health care for my sometimes bad posture in front of the computer, as well as sore muscles after tough workouts.  Regardless, I always feel better after a massage than before.  Always!

Marsha always starts off with “so tell me about your body.”  She tailors her massage to meet my needs.   Marsha is incredible, as is the rest of her staff.  I consider her a kind of a sports doctor.  
It’s also cool to tell my friends that I have the same masseuse as the San Diego Chargers!


SPORTS – Steve runs fairly routinely at the YMCA.  He enjoys getting in a minimum of 15 miles a week.
Steve’s not a yard geek, but he’s totally into xeriscaping.  
Steve shares, “And I guess you have to collect something; for some reason I collect cacti.  I guarantee that I have some you’ve never seen before!”

Thanks Steve for being the Massage Extraordinaire

Client of the Month!

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