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Tammara giving shoulder therapy
Tammara assists client with a leg stretch
Tammara relieves calf pain with massage

Tammara Pasquariello, MT

Tammara Pasquariello, MT Tammara Pasquariello is a San Diego native who plans to stay here forever! Since 2004 she has been both a Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer. She specializes in strength training, balance, stability and flexibility. The combination of those two careers has enhanced the quality of her massage.

Whether in the massage room or training room, her passion is to improve the health and fitness of her clients. Tammara is incredibly fit with strong hands but a quiet gentle presence.

Her massage specialties are: Sportsmassage, Deep Tissue, and Injury Rehabilitation. Since becoming a Massage Extraordinaire MT she has acquired sports massage and stretching skills. Tammara is now known to the San Diego Tennis and Racquet Club athletes, the USA Rugby team, and the San Diego Chargers for her massage skills. She has many return clients who frequently refer her to other friends and family members.

In addition to working with Massage Extraordinaire, she shares her massage and training skills with the seniors at various La Jolla and Pacific Beach residences. Working with seniors has helped her to gain insight into various physiological ailments and how to relieve those aches and pains.

In her free time, she is an avid cyclist and mountain biker. She and her two BIG dogs love to go hiking in the San Diego area. She also enjoys weight training, reading, learning and going to the theatre. 

"Tammara is an excellent massage therapist! A firm touch when necessary or a light touch when needed. Tammara knows her business and I hope she never leaves us!"

-Victoria Melosi, client since 2006